Thinking About Starting Your Own Viral Videos Channel? KIds are Hot!

Six Elements of Viral Videos


Anything’s possible on the Internet. Right? With today’s easy technology anyone with a little know-how can plunge into the world of video. And one of the best places to start is with your own kids. No kids? No problem! There’s an abundance of kids on your street, churches, schools, daycare … just grab your smart device and start shooting! Who knows? Viral videos starring your kids may be seen on the next evening news…

Why Kids?

Kids are funny. They’re cute. They say the darnedest things!

And they’re a great topic if you want to make money on the Internet. Just hop on over to Youtube and browse a few kid topics … note the views. Some have hundreds of thousands of views and lots of active commenters. Cha-Ching! Yep, that’s the lovely sound of money to made with viral Youtube videos.

How do they do that? I used to wonder the same thing. Did a little digging and tried my hand. Yep. It’s doable. I’ll share a little of how to do it on this website so be sure to bookmark and check back.

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Now, let’s talk about how you can profit with those cute baby pictures and videos you grab of your little darlin’ and the neighbor’s nasty kids. (We all know OUR kids are angels – the ones across the street are the demons, right?)

For decades television has been capitalizing on their innate cuteness. So much so that one show called Little Big Shots is reaping huge ratings and bringing laughter to the masses. We can’t seem to get enough of the little darlings.

To get you in the mood, let’s take a look at a few viral videos found on Youtube. Prepare yourself to laugh. BTW – laughter really is good medicine; that’s not just an old wives’ tale!

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So cute, yeah?

Face it, kids can be the cutest little devils on earth, but they can also drive you insane when they just start crying. No reason. You can’t calm them. You think about screaming. And sometimes you just laugh because it is so hilarious. Like this video where a dad tells his sweet little toddler that she can’t have a boyfriend until she’s 50.


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Kids will crack you up. And they’re quick to teach us lessons they’ve learned from grownups.

Like this little diva who taught her meme (grandma?) a lesson in saying bad words. Not only did she give her authoritative reasons for not saying the bad words, she threatened to tell her parents. Oh, now that’s scary!

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Okay – you’re convinced. Your kid is better than any of those featured above. So, what makes a video go viral? You’re in luck because I’ve made a (drum roll please) list:

Six Elements of Viral Videos to Get You Started

  1. KISS – Keep it Short and Simple – Face it, we love funny; we hate long. So keep your videos short and noncomplicated so people will laugh instead of asking WTF was that?
  2. CUT! Cut Unwanted Trash! If you’ve watched a movie about making movies then you’ll be familiar with the “cut!” command. That means stop filming! Then, the film is sent to a producer who cut out all the trash. As cute as your kids are, use the CUT command to make sure you KISS.
  3. Cute Kids! (sorry, no acronym!) Yeah, I know. Your kids are cute no matter what they do, right? Wrong. Your kids are cute ONLY if they make a stranger say, Oh, how cute!
  4. CADS! Cute Animals Doing Something! The key word here is “doing.” An Animal sleeping is just an animal sleeping. But catch a sleeping animal having dreams with another animal beung the dream catcher and you’ve got cute.
  5. CAKE! Cute Animals & Kids Engaged (a bit awkward – just wanted to use an acronym!)  – Yep. Put them together for a viral double whammy! Who can resist cute kids and cute animals in the same video?
  6. SAWS! Spontaneous Accidents and Weird Situations – Nothing that screams FAKE!

So, there you have it. You’re on your way to creating your own viral video. Stay tuned for more on this scintillating topic … I am a fountain of wisdom.


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