Why Original Ideas and Images are Best for Going Viral

Should you specialize or cast your net wide?


If you want to stand out in your niche, then you’re going to need original ideas. While stock photography sites are great to do a quick illustration on a web page or ebook, it isn’t the best choice for creating viral markets. You must specialize. And you must be original. That means grabbing a camera or a video and heading out into the real world.

Want to do What You Love? Go for it!

phone-1031194_640There are two ways to choose a specialization for going viral. The first, and probably the most common, is to do what you love. For example, If you take photographs or create videos/images of the things that you enjoy you will find yourself building a massive portfolio just because you will not find view it as work. By working on what you love you can quickly become a specialist and understand the details it will take to get the kind of look you, or your clients, are looking for in a very organic and creative way. Since creating products for viral marketing can easily encompass all aspects of life on our planet, you can easily incorporate anything you love or enjoy to do. Because guess what? If you love something chances are millions of others love it, too.

So, grab your camera (smart phone or professional) and head out to where the people are! It’s not as hard as you may think!

  • Enjoy hiking canyons and repelling down cliff walls? Then perhaps specializing in canyon and desert photography is your niche answer.
  • Enjoy playing with puppies and snuggling with kittens? Perhaps pet photography is a niche that you can explore.
  • Love babies and kids? Catching them on camera or video can be worth a fortune in more ways than one!

You get the picture (pun intended)! The most important thing is that you invest the time it takes to take a hobby and make it into a career and the best, least painful, way you can do that is to take photos of the things you love and enjoy. You will have many opportunities to make photos or create videos since you will be engrossed in doing those very things you love and you can make photography or a video shoot an even better excuse for indulging in those activities. Heck, why not turn your sports event into a tax write-off?

Team up for Profit

Another approach could be to find others that have a similar (original) ideas and interests and team up to come up with a new, creative, niche. Wedding photographers and videographers are constantly struggling to come up with the next best thing that will separate their work from someone else’s. Wedding photographers can make some good money but the competition is stiff. Mix something you are already doing for work with another creative mind and you may birth a new niche that is both something you are good at and something that you can pursue with a partner, combining both of your skills and interests.

Perhaps you already have a portrait photography business, but you meet another photographer who has specialized in underwater photography or video. By combining these two unique fields suddenly you have a very specialized market for underwater portraits or videos that can stretch from individual commissioned pieces to big production fashion shoots. And if you can capture something funny – imagine the viral impact it could have. (Just keep in mind that if you use video or photographs of people who are identifiable you must get their permission!)

Either approach can work. It’s possible to choose a niche based on a hobby and build a business around that expertise, and it’s possible to push an established business in a narrow direction.

Established businesses will always have an advantage. They’ll know the market and the size of the competition. And that will always be vital. Start shooting something you love and you’ll soon amass a pile of attractive images or unique videos on a topic you find interesting.

Where to Look for Original Ideas: Put Real Life to Work for You

If you are new at capturing life on camera or video even that marketing knowledge should come naturally. As you attend events related to your field and share your work either personally or on the Internet, your name will spread. That’s the most important factor in choosing a new niche. The ability to create the videos and images is important and the size of the market factors in your success too, as does your ability to reach buyers. But to really master a niche, you will need to have the dedication required to fully understand it and want to keep learning about it.

Marketing is just as vital as knowing how to use your equipment. Once you know your niche then it is just a matter of networking and doing research to find what kind of client potential is out there. The more specific your niche the more you can find specific clients to market to. There is a client for everything and by showing a person that you know more about your field than any other photographer, you demonstrate your value.