Gone Viral: Street Art and Animation Combo Will Blow You Away!

Focus, focus, focus!

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A lot of creative people have no marketing skills. None. Like the “field of dreams” movie that came out a few years ago they depend on hope and luck to get noticed. Sorry. That won’t work in today’s world. Dreamers are often left in the poor and needy section of town. But if you can combine dreaming and making it happen (aka marketing), then you will be moving on up to the winners ring. And, as with everything else, it takes a good idea, a plan, and implantation of the plan. Such is the Gone Viral example in this post where the artists have combined animation and street art to create an astonishing viral video.

Going! Going! Gone Viral!

As stated in a previous post, you must first decide on your niche. Once you determine your niche, it’s time to implement a marketing plan. Point all of your marketing – your website, print materials, publications, advertisements, etc. – directly at your niche. Utilize Meta tags for your blog and website that are geared toward your niche. If you are selling a product, provide specials and discounts within your niche to start attracting attention. If you are promoting a free viral image or video, utilize ALL social networking avenues, focusing on and listing your niche on your business profile. You can always list the other services you provide, but your niche needs to dominate and be at the forefront of everything involving marketing.

While you’ll work to improve your skills as a photographer or videographer in all areas you should focus on improving your skills within your niche before anything else. After all, you want to draw more people in, and your niche is the gateway to viral success. Set your fears aside, stand tall in what you’re good at and show it off to the world.

Focus on Your Niche

The Internet is invaluable and simple searches can reveal a whole host of potential clients once you know who you are looking for. Magazines, stock sites, and local interests are all great ways to start pinpointing your market. If you have specialized in wildlife photography then look for various publications that promote conservation, animal education, and ornithological groups. Travel photographers can tackle specific resorts, travel agencies, and national tourist associations. Once you have discovered your niche you can pinpoint your search for clients to in a much more precise way.

When marketing to a specific niche, here’s what a good business photographer must remember:

  • – Select a segment of the market that has a special need.
  • – Carry out market research to identify if the market size makes the idea feasible.
  • – Ensure that exclusivity through branding, patents or trademarks can be obtained.
  • – Prepare inventory and delivery channels.
  • – Prepare a promotion plan to reach the particular market.
  • – Implement the plan.
  • – Monitor market continuously to ensure that ‘niche’ characteristics and market continue to be feasible.

Markets are always in a constant flux and your ability to adjust and be aware of those changes will only make you more valuable and unique to your clients. The hard part of finding your specialization is over, now get out there and start making money!

Take a Look at this Video that Has Gone Viral

Take a look at this awesome video (below). It illustrates perfectly what we’re saying. Two artists combined their talent and whamo! A viral video was born that drives traffic to their business. This video on YouTube has enjoyed nearly 3 million views since 2009.

Are you beginning to see what going viral means to your business model? It doesn’t matter what your niche is — going viral is the way to reach the top of the ladder of success as a photographer or anything else.