Capturing the Beauty of Nature With Your Camera

Stalking the Butterfly, Nature's Best Photography Model


What a fun way to spend the day! With my trusty Nikon around my neck, and my Smartphone in my pocket I sat out intent on capturing the beauty of nature for posterity. Look out World! Here I come.

But there’s so much to choose from! Where do I begin? Birds tweet happily overhead, a frog croaks from a nearby pond, horses graze in a well-protected pasture. The foliage is thick and beautiful, the fragrance of the flowers, heady. I might as well lay back and rest awhile to think about my project.

A butterfly flits close by, and with the grace of an angel, lights on my camera case, a curious look on its face. I read her mind: “What’s that fellow doing in my domain?”

I bet you’re thinking right about now that all this fresh air is getting to me. The butterfly hovers near a flowering bush close to my head and quickly flies away as I scramble to catch the magnificent beauty in flight. Click, Click, Click, my camera whirs and I smile with the joy of discovery of nature’s best photoshoot model: the butterfly. What better creature to focus on today as I am happily capturing the beauty of nature?

Butterflies are no doubt the most beautiful species of insects. They are full of color, delicate and vibrant. They are ugly caterpillars at first which evolve into beautiful butterflies. What can I say; they are beauty personified. If you are a photographer, then you are most likely to have taken numerous butterfly photos for their sheer variety of colors and species.

Butterfly photography emerged as a popular hobby in recent years. It requires a lot of patience and persistence while taking a butterfly photo. It can be a mighty challenge! You require special equipment while taking a photo of a butterfly. Cameras with telephoto lenses emerged as a popular hobby camera in recent years. But even with great lenses where you can zoom and capture to your heart’s content, it still requires a lot of patience and persistence to capture the essence of the butterfly.

Natural lighting is the best for taking butterfly photos, which is a great choice in most outdoor situations. You may also want to carry along a tripod or a monopod to help maintain the stability of your camera. That said, I rarely use one when trying to capture the elusive winged creature! They flit and flutter and you have to move with them taking lots of shots to get a few that are simply beautiful and perfect.

This is actually true of any outdoor flying creature such as bees and birds and of those animals that move quickly, darting in and out of hiding places. A good motto to have is similar to the Scout motto: Be Prepared!

Tips on capturing the beauty of nature: the butterfly

* Go Where the Are. Butterflies are usually found everywhere but the natural locations such as grassy fields with flowers, meadows and forests can be a perfect location to spot variety of butterfly species.

* Be Patient and Watchful. Picking a location where butterflies are a natural visitors is always a good idea rather than waiting for their arrival. However, you need to keep a watchful eye as butterflies may only halt for few seconds and then fly away.

* Avoid Sudden Movements. Butterflies are very sensitive to their surroundings, therefore while taking a butterfly photo you need to be very cautious while moving. Avoid sudden, jerky and fast paced movements you will startle the butterflies. Take care that your shadow does not cast on the butterfly as it is likely to fly off.

Taking a butterfly photo can be a little challenging, but that’s what makes it even more interesting. don’t you think?

It doesn’t matter where you live you will find great nature shots. I’ve got to warn you, thought. capturing the beauty of nature will become addictive if you allow. What a great addiction to have!