Branding Videos and Images with Going Viral in Mind

Video Rustlers on the Prowl - Get out that Branding Iron!


You’ve seen the movies of the wild west where thieves rustled cattle from the prosperous ranchers. They would sneak in and firebrand unbranded cattle with their own unique brand and change those easily altered brands to theirs. Those were days of guns and range wars. Those ranch owners who failed to be vigilant lost hard-earned profits to thieves.

Those wild west days are gone, right?

We hope so! But just in case there’s a new digital rustler hanging around your back door, we’re going to look at a few ways to brand your viral marketing videos and images to reap the most profits from your work.

Following are a few tips on ensuring everyone knows your pics and vids are yours – not theirs.

Going Viral Images: Add your website URL in a hard to remove, yet unobtrusive place. Take a look at the following images.

Example 1:  URL is added to the bottom of the image – but could easily be removed without altering the image. This is a great image/meme … alas, bad branding.

viral images with easy to remove text

Example 2: Here the brand is embedded in the image itself. If someone uses the image, the owner’s brand will remain intact. This is the best way to brand for images that are going viral.

Brand with going viral in mind

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As you can see, image rustlers would have no problem changing the brand on the image in Example 1, but if they changed the Example 2 image, an important aspect (the working woman identity) would be lost.

Videos: Add Your Website URL and Call to Action as part of the video. Don’t waste the Real Estate!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily add your brand to videos you upload to YouTube to get interested subscribers? Well, you can, thanks to YouTube’s own ingenious InVideo Programming. To utilize this awesome feature,

  1. login to your Youtube account.
  2. Go to Settings. and then
  3. choose ‘InVideo Programming’ from beneath ‘Channel Settings.’
  4. Click to choose whether you want to feature your channel or feature a video.

Google illustrates how to do this in their own YouTube video:

Utilise #Hashtags to Promote Your Viral Images and on your Going Viral Videos on Social Sites

Social media sites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr connect conversations with the simple little hashtag character – # – which makes it easy to be found for almost any niche.

Adding the hashtag to your viral marketing images and videos helps to subtly viralize (yeah, I know that’s not a word. But it fits here) your message. For example, post an image branded with your URL in FB groups and your FB pages using #niche keyword. This causes the post to break out of your own little network of friends starting the viral process.

Tell Viewers What You Want Them to Do

What most newbies to Internet Marketing don’t realize is that you must tell people exactly what you want them to do. Don’t leave this to chance. For example, in a Facebook post where you’ve uploaded an image or video you want to go viral – say, “Share this with your friends!” or “Click Like and Share” – whatever it is you want them to do. People love no-brainer instructions. If you don’t tell them to share chances are they will just chuckle or gasp in astonishment and move on to the next.

Okay … let’s saddle up, folks. We’ve got some branding to do!