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    Capturing the Beauty of Nature With Your Camera

    What a fun way to spend the day! With my trusty Nikon around my neck, and my Smartphone in my pocket I sat out intent on capturing the beauty of nature for posterity. Look out World! Here I come. But there’s so much to choose from! Where do I begin? Birds tweet happily overhead, a frog croaks from a […]

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    SmartPhone Photography: Quality Pictures ARE Possible

    If taking pictures with your cellphone is one of your favorite pastimes, you might want to consider upgrading your camera feature by looking at some of the newest mobile devices. Take the popular iPhone, for example. It takes smartphone photography to a new level with unheard of high-definition and a front-facing camera that also takes […]

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    How to Improve Your Image Quality Without Purchasing a New Camera

    According to experts, image quality is “primarily, not the result of a photographic process in a camera, but the result of storing or transmitting the image. A typical example is a digital image that has been compressed, stored or transmitted, and then decompressed again. Unless a lossless compression method (like RAW) has been used, the resulting […]

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    Sizing Images: Why Your Pictures Look Weird on the Web

    If you’ve downloaded images from any website and tried to size them larger you quickly discovered the images were pixelated, and in a word – ugly. When sizing photographs to use for the web, as compared to print, there are a few major differences to keep in mind. Using the wrong size, resolution or file […]

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    Processing Images Taking Crazy Amounts of Time? Does it Matter?

    In our previous post, we looked at RAW vs. JPEG image formats. While this may have been news to some, professional photographers will roll their eyes and say, “Duh!” while at the same time spending way too much time processing images they capture. While each format is useful RAW is clearly, absolutely, the superior format. […]

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    Who Knew? The Shooting Format Could Ruin Your Pictures

    Unless you’re a professional, the question of shooting RAW vs. JPEG may never have entered your sphere of reference. Yet, if you journey on to become a pro, it is a question you will often face. While each shooting format has it own advantages and disadvantages photographers need to understand what those differences are. In […]

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    How to Cut Distraction and Clutter from Your Pictures

    All too often, when a photographer is showing their work to a curious audience, they are accosted with the all-too-typical question of what kind of camera they use. People that do not have a good understanding of how photography works often equates good photography with a good camera. Unfortunately, an expensive camera does not make […]

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    Gone Viral: Street Art and Animation Combo Will Blow You Away!

    A lot of creative people have no marketing skills. None. Like the “field of dreams” movie that came out a few years ago they depend on hope and luck to get noticed. Sorry. That won’t work in today’s world. Dreamers are often left in the poor and needy section of town. But if you can […]

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    Why Original Ideas and Images are Best for Going Viral

    If you want to stand out in your niche, then you’re going to need original ideas. While stock photography sites are great to do a quick illustration on a web page or ebook, it isn’t the best choice for creating viral markets. You must specialize. And you must be original. That means grabbing a camera […]

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